Message from the NHA Scholarship Fund President

    This year’s application cycle will start September 1st and will run through the end of January. We offer undergraduate and graduate scholarships for active duty personnel, individuals who have served and family members of those who have served or are serving in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard rotary wing communities. Last year, we awarded 18 scholarships totally more than $32,000. With your continued support and donations, we hope to surpass both the number and award levels of scholarships during this year’s cycle. We are here to serve the naval (USN, USMC, and USCG) rotary wing community. Please share this information with your squadron mates and their families.
      If you are an applicant, please read over the requirements for completing the application carefully.  Of particular note, failure to send in your high school/college transcripts, letter(s) of recommendation and eligibility documents will render your on-line application invalid. This has proven to be the most common disqualifying factor we seen since moving to the online application process.
      One additional comment on planned giving. There are many ways to set aside bequests for the NHA Scholarship Fund from one’s estate. You can name the Fund in your trust or will. Please consider the NHA Scholarship Fund in your estate planning and establish your legacy in Naval Rotary Wing Aviation

CAPT Paul Stevens, USN (RET)