Scholarship Winners for 2010

Alex Wibe
Bridgewater College- Biology
Thank you so much for my selection! I will be attending Bridgewater College in the fall. I plan to major in biology with a Pre-Med minor. I plan to attend medical school and join the Navy as a medical officer.
Chelsea Tamaki Anderson
UCSD -Bioengineering/ Biotechnology

Dear Members of the Naval Helicopter Association, Thank you for the generous award you presented to me. I will use this money to further my education at the University of California, San Diego in the Jacobs School of Engineering this fall. I will be majoring in Bioengineering, Biotechnology to prepare myself for a career in Genetic engineering. Thank you again for this honor and for helping me achieve my goals in education.

Karl W. Engel
University of Maryland-Chemical Bimolecular Engineering
Dear NHA Scholarship Members,Thank you very much for your scholarship offer. I am very grateful for your financial support of my education. I have enrolled to attend the University of Maryland at the College Park, in the University Honors Program to study chemical and Bimolecular Engineering for fall, 2010. After I graduate, I also plan to continue on in my schooling by either continuing on to graduate school or by applying to a School of Medicine to become a Medical Doctor.
UC Santa Barbara- History

I would like to thank the NHA Scholarship Committee for selecting me as the 2010 DPA/L-3 Scholarship recipient. This scholarship will greatly assist me in my educational plans at the University of California- Santa Barbara. Your support and confidence in me is so very much appreciated. This fall, 2010, I will begin attendance at the University of California Santa Barbra (UCSB). At UCSB, I’ve been invited to participate in the Honors’ Program and will major in history and minor in applied psychology. These areas of focus will help me to accomplish my goal of becoming a high school history teacher. After I have completed my four years at UCSB, I hope to attend the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education also at UCSB, to obtain my Masters in Education. Once I have obtained my teaching credential, I plan on becoming a teacher in the department of defense system so that I can serve the families of those who serve out country.

 Kristina Jones
 University of Virginia

Dear Lt. Stortz,

Thank you for the $2000 Scholarship. I am so honored to be the recipient! I am already thrilled to be attending the University of Virginia in the fall: however, this scholarship makes it even better.

Meghan Didier
University of Florida- Masters, Forensic DNA/Serology

NHA Scholarship Committee:
Thank you so much for selecting me to receive the NHA Graduate Scholarship. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to continue on with my Master’s degree. I will gratefully use the NHA Graduate Scholarship money to finish my Master’s in Forensic DNA and Serology at the University of Florida. Upon completion of my MS degree, I would like to continue on with my schooling to earn a PhD in Molecular Biology with a Forensic DNA focus. I truly appreciate the opportunity to continue my education. The knowledge I have gained has not only benefited my career as a Forensic DNA Analyst, but it has made me a better scientist overall.

Rogers University- Masters, Library and Information Science

Coleen Oates-Robesch is enrolled in the Masters of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S) program at Rutgers University and is specializing in digital libraries. Upon completion of the program, she plans to pursue a career in an academic library in the area of digital library technologies. Colleen’s interests in education in education and information stem from her experience as a high school teacher. She has taught high school social studies for the past five years and is currently employed at a charter school in San Diego, California. Colleen also holds a master’s degree in social studies education from Rutgers University, an endorsement in English as a second language education from Stockton College, and an undergraduate degree in anthropology from the college of Holy Cross.