Monday, August 20, 2018

There is a New President of the NHA Scholarship Fund
Greetings and welcome to the NHA Scholarship Fund website. This site has a lot of valuable information for scholarship administrators, donors, and applicants to take time to look through each page and let us know your thoughts with the new look. Annually, the application cycle starts September 1st and runs until January 31st. We offer undergraduate and graduates for active-duty members, dependents, who are family members of the active-duty that has served or still serving in the naval rotary-wing communities of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S Coast Guard. We award 17 or more scholarships per year. But we need your continued support and donations to continue this vital goal every year.  Every effort of the NHA Scholarship Fund is for assisting you and your dependents in your higher educational purposes. Please share this information with your helo bubbas, fellow aircrewmen, rotary-wing maintenance personnel, and administrative support members within in your helicopter squadrons and units.
Hold Fast 

Derek Fry

Commander, USN (Ret.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016 NHA Scholarship Winners!

At this time we would like to thank all of the NHA scholarship applicants. 
If you are not on this list please remember to reapply for the 2016-2017 scholarship year.

2016 Scholarship Winners

                                                             Corporate Scholarships                                                           
                      Igor Sikorsky:  Julia Inglesby               Region 4                     
Lockheed Martin:  Margot Forti           Region 5
DP Associates:  Mollie Sullivan           Region 3
Raytheon:  Bradley Foster                     Region 2 
Northrup Grumman: Mckenna Wade    Region 1
 CAE:  Timothy Cammarata,                  Region 4  

NHA Graduate Scholarship

                                                        Sandra Kjono      Region 1                                                                 
Regional President’s Scholarship               
                   Region 1:  Kristan Roberts                             
                Region 2:  Rachel Aaron                             
                       Region 3:  Alayna Thompson                           
                    Region 4:  Carson Butler                               
Region 6:  Stephanie Cumplido

              Memorial Scholarships   
Ream Family: Edith Hoffman             Region  6
Mark Starr:  Kendall Langum             Region  5
Charles Kaman:  Ryan Rio                  Region  1
McCarthy Memorial: Emily Holmes   Region 3

NHA Active Duty Scholarships 
Undergraduate:  AWR1 Joshua McGarvey, USN,   Region 1
                     SGT Robert Avers,  USMC,  Region 6
Graduate:         LT Christopher Babcock,  USN,   Region 3
                             LT John GEARY, USN,   Region 3               

Friday, October 10, 2014

A most generous donation!

NHA Scholarship Fund President CAPT(Ret) Paul Stevens (left) received a perpectual donation from Charles Kaman Estate Corporate Attorney Glenn Messenmer (right).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Special Thank you to NHASF

Many thanks to the Naval Helo Assn. for helping my daughter financially
during her university education at UT in Austin. I’m not sure how much
follow-up the association gets on its selectees for scholarship funds but in my daughter’s case I feel you made a good choice.  Jacquelyn will be graduating in December in the UT Plan II Honors program. While a  UT student she was selected two years in a row as the outstanding student in Italian. She was also selected  three years  in a row as a  UT Jeffersonian scholar to receive a scholarship funds for studies in principals related to formation of our Constitution. This was followed by a full ride scholarship in European studies and classical languages( Greek and Latin). She distinguished herself her senior year as “the outstanding student selectee”  in Phi Beta Kappa as well.  Overall she had a great education and experience thanks to your contribution. Now its off to graduate school- Berkeley Dominican, Notre Dame, or St. Thomas are on the short list.

Thanks again for your support from a proud father,

Michael L. Walker, MD
CAPT,MC, USN (FS) -ret

Thursday, August 16, 2012

NHA Scholarship Fund President CAPT(Ret) Paul Stevens announced the 2012
Scholarship winners at the NHA Symposium's Award Luncheon at the Marriott
Waterside Norfolk (VA)

Luis Marroquin received the DP/L-3 Thousand Points of Life Scholarship
presented by the NHASF President at
Santana High School's senior awards banquet in mid May