Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Special Thank you to NHASF

Many thanks to the Naval Helo Assn. for helping my daughter financially
during her university education at UT in Austin. I’m not sure how much
follow-up the association gets on its selectees for scholarship funds but in my daughter’s case I feel you made a good choice.  Jacquelyn will be graduating in December in the UT Plan II Honors program. While a  UT student she was selected two years in a row as the outstanding student in Italian. She was also selected  three years  in a row as a  UT Jeffersonian scholar to receive a scholarship funds for studies in principals related to formation of our Constitution. This was followed by a full ride scholarship in European studies and classical languages( Greek and Latin). She distinguished herself her senior year as “the outstanding student selectee”  in Phi Beta Kappa as well.  Overall she had a great education and experience thanks to your contribution. Now its off to graduate school- Berkeley Dominican, Notre Dame, or St. Thomas are on the short list.

Thanks again for your support from a proud father,

Michael L. Walker, MD
CAPT,MC, USN (FS) -ret

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